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Engineered to offer the rider a rugged and efficient accessory to pull out the dirt bike when stuck in between rocks, loose sand, fesh-fesh or any other terrain. With the Front Lift Strap you’ll be able to rapidly pull out the dirt bike and get back on track.


Our proprietary design eliminates the hassle of having to take apart the whole front suspension for installation. The lift strap is firmly secured to the dirt bike’s front fork with 2 aluminum tabs and bolted through. Additionally, two zip ties have been added per side to ensure correct placement.

Gasgas 2018-2024 Front Lift Strap 2.0

  • - Lightweight & built to endure.

    - Easy & fast installation.

    - Installation doesn’t require disassembly of any major parts of the dirt bike.

    - 100% nylon.

    - 100% neoprene handle cover.

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