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NSX Factor About Us

NSX Factor: Where Grit Meets Performance - Unleash Your Inner Champion on the Trail


At NSX Factor, we understand the primal urge that compels you to ride. The dirt isn't just a passive surface; it's a challenging terrain where you push your limits and leave your mark with every obstacle you conquer. We're more than just a parts supplier – we're a community of riders united by the unwavering desire to push boundaries and elevate the sport of dirt biking to new heights.


Our story is born from this passion for riding, and the experiences that shaped us as riders are directly translated into everything we do. Our team is a powerful fusion – highly skilled riders with their on-the-ground experience and dedicated manufacturing professionals. This unique blend fosters a constant exchange of knowledge. Riders provide real-world data on the challenges and opportunities encountered on various terrains and riding styles. This data becomes the foundation for our design and development process, ensuring every NSX Factor part addresses a specific performance bottleneck or user need.

NSX Factor caters to every rider, from seasoned competitors chasing podium glory to weekend warriors honing their skills. No matter your experience level, our parts are designed to elevate your riding experience and help you reach your full potential. We use top-notch materials to make them lightweight and strong, and we focus on comfort and ease of use. We skip shortcuts and build high-quality parts that fit your bike perfectly.

At NSX Factor, we are never satisfied with the status quo. We are committed to continuous improvement. We actively engage with our rider community, gathering feedback and suggestions to inform future product development. This collaborative approach ensures that our parts remain at the forefront of performance innovation. By staying connected to the riders who use our products, we can ensure that every NSX Factor part is designed to meet the evolving needs of the sport.

Thank you for choosing NSX Factor! We look forward to helping you achieve new heights in performance and riding satisfaction.

Keep On Flowing,

The NSX Factor Team

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